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April 18, 2019

My team sucked last year. Seriously. They were absolutely horrible. In a 25 week season with 1 bye per team, my team won a total of 6 games. It took t...

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April 4, 2019

Corey Norman: Not A Redemption Story

March 22, 2019

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Fan Feature: Kurt Symington

April 23, 2018



When you think Matt Moylan you think Matt The Hitman Moylan - you think Kurt. A loyal, passionate Sharks fan who is not scared to voice his opinion to haters in defence of his team and favourite player. Moylan isn’t new to haters, he’s very familiar to the concept. He is familiar with the exterior pressure placed on him by fans and this pressure only grew when the infamous Moylan/Maloney trade took place for the 2018 season however, this trade meant nothing but happiness for Kurt. As a Sharks fan for 12 or so years, over the moon is an understatement to describe how Kurt felt when his beloved Moylan joined his men in blue and white at the shire. He likes to specify passionately that although he has been a Matt Moylan fan for some time now, an avid one at that, he is not a Penrith Panther’s fan (even if he did watch them regularly before opting for an alliance with the Sharks.) He talks about how he didn’t have a team until he was about 12 or 13 years old, when he really started to get into sports. Now, he could never look back. He credits sport as his ultimate source of simultaneous sanity and insanity! Kurt is a fan who many could relate to as he struggles to get through a work week without the motivation of the football after a long day. Although Kurt doesn’t get to enjoy a typical work week like many who live the Monday-Friday grind, he uses football, the Sharks and Matt Moylan as his motivation to get through a painful Thursday-Monday schedule. Nothing better then getting off after working the weekend to watch your boys fight hard for 80 minutes, right?


Kurt loves the Sharks, the reasons for this could be endless but why Matt Moylan? The excitement of a creative player is what Kurt looks for but he has always found Moylan to be different, more in fact, than any usual creative player. Kurt has studied Moylan’s game thoroughly and despite the negative feedback towards the young player, specifically for the comparisons to the great Darren Lockyer, he states that he has never seen a player who can change a game like Moylan. Three or four touches of a football in one set and the game can be turned upside down. He’s a big moment player in that sense. There’s no one he can compare Moylan to, except perhaps Hayne when he was at his prime. Kurt is not naive. He knows that Moylan is not the biggest or the bravest player on the field but in those moments, when it all clicks, he can definitely be one of the most intelligent. 


When Matt Moylan pulls on the skin tight blue jersey over his head, no matter what number he wears on his back, Kurt is cheering in support. Off the field Kurt labels him a “loose cannon” and “good for a laugh.” Although he has never had the chance to meet the fullback cross five eighth, Kurt’s ultimate wish as an NRL fan would be to see him take his game to a whole new level with a Dally M Player of the Year medal around his neck. He hopes to continue watching “cracking football” and hopes deeply and strongly to see his boys win another premiership. Rugby League means everything to Kurt, as well as his family. There is a bloodline of league in his family - one of which he is incredibly proud of. With much pride in his family name, Kurt speaks of the player his Pop could have been for St George had he not chosen to raise a family instead. Kurt himself played league in high school, as too did both of his brothers. It’s in the blood, I’m telling you. 


Kurt is a high energy, good natured fan of rugby league. A fan that this great game should be proud to have. Moylan in fact, should be honoured to have a fan like Kurt supporting him. Through the highs and the inevitable lows that this game will always provide, Kurt will be there. I asked him if he could say one thing to Moylan, what he would say and I was genuinely surprised by his answer. A well thought out answer that shows there is so much more to Kurt than the facade you may first see on social media. This is not a biased, naive fan. This is a fan who genuinely cares for the man he supports. 


Moylan, “you have all the talent in the world, don’t throw it away for the sake a high.”

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