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April 18, 2019

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April 4, 2019

Corey Norman: Not A Redemption Story

March 22, 2019

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Fan Feature: Tina Broussos

April 24, 2018



When the weekends come around and the faithful Red V fans pack out the hill alongside Jubilee Oval, you will see signs. Many banners and posters flood the grounds as the infamous swarm of writing has become an image NRL fans have grown to expect. One of those banners reads “JACK ATTACK” referring to the young but powerful Jack de Belin. Since debuting for the red and white in 2011, de Belin has truly cemented himself in the squad but especially the hearts of the fans. One fan in particular, being the girl below that Jack Attack banner, Tina Broussos. 


It is safe to say that Dragons fans are more than passionate – their team and therefore the success of their team mean the world to them. Tina falls into this category very well. Rugby League and the St George Dragons are a huge part of her life, even away from the field. The Dragons were a big part of her life in fact, before she was even alive. Long before her birth, her Dragon supporting parents met at a game, cheered on their team and inevitably, fell in love thus making Tina a fan from birth. She says that her support was forced upon her, like a child who has to eat brussels sprouts but unlike with the vegetables, she wasn’t complaining. There was no way her parents were ever going to let her support a team other than the men in the red and white and had her attending games from the tender age of 4.  Tina has spent many of her childhood and now adult years of her life celebrating the highs and mourning the lows that are always experienced as a fan of any team. She even took her support for the team to the next level, participating as a junior Dragons cheerleader for eight years and now as a 21 year old, she helps look after the current junior cheerleaders, giving her much nostalgia from her childhood as she sits on the sideline to watch the game and cheer win or lose.


Tina was only a young 14/15 year old when Jack de Belin made his first grade debut, hot off his NYC Player of the Year award at the Dally Ms. She laughs, 7 years later, when she thinks about his debut because the real and honest reason he stood out to her was because of his muscular legs and good looks. She can laugh now though, because she knows her love and admiration goes way beyond his looks. She comments on his desire, passion and perseverance. Throughout his career, he has dealt with stints in reserve grade but he refused to give up because his passion for rugby league was one that could not be measured. He kept fighting and now has a permanent spot in the first grade squad. She admires this most about him. He constantly reminds her to never give up, despite how hard life may get. Now, as an experienced player for the Dragons, Jack has grown into an incredibly fierce and powerful player who opposing players fear. Off the field however, Jack is a gentle giant. He will never let Tina leave without a proper conversation, whether it be about their dogs or the game just played or even Tina reprimanding him for losing her 20 points in Supercoach due to a sinbin. He genuinely appreciates the support that Tina has offered him from the very beginning. He always acknowledges her with a smile and little wave when he sees her Jack Attack banner waving in the Kograh air. Tina has been there from the beginning and Jack knows she will continue to be there waving her banner until his career comes to an end.  


Like many NRL fans, rugby league means everything to Tina. When times are trying or she is struggling to push through a difficult week no matter the circumstances, she finds comfort in the game she loves. Away from the game that takes place on the field, she has met numerous people who are a huge part in her life now and she credits football for bringing her family closer at times. Again, as any NRL fan, Tina hopes to celebrate a premiership with her club however, what she most hopes to see is her man, Jack, wearing the sky blue for his state. She knows that if he is given the opportunity, he would not let anyone down so she hopes he never stops believing in himself because his moment will come. And when that moment does come, in the stands you will see Tina and that same old Jack Attack banner. 

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