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April 18, 2019

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April 4, 2019

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March 22, 2019

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State of Origin Game 1: NSW Player Ratings

June 7, 2018


James Tedesco

Easily the best on the field. Ran for the most metres with a record breaking amount of tackle busts. Cemented his MOM honours with the one-on-one strip towards the tail end of the match. Definitely secured the one on his back for years to come. 10/10


Tom Trbojevic

Lifted to the next level in the second half to provide quite a relief for the forwards when it mattered most. Amazingly solid under the high ball. I don’t think Queensland will be kicking to him as much in game 2. 7/10


Latrell Mitchell

Definitely would not be disappointed with that debut at all. Scored an amazing try to display the incredible strength he provides at centre and almost scored a second in the second half. 7.5/10


James Roberts

Hoping his departure from the field was mainly for precautionary reasons and nothing too concerning. Strong first half but disappeared in the second half. I want to see more tackle breaks in game 2 should he play. 6.5/10


Josh Addo-Carr

Not bad at all and still has even more to offer NSW next game. Offered a lot of metres and got momentum going when it really mattered at times. 7/10


James Maloney

He almost found himself crucified after throwing that floater straight into Valentine Holmes’ hands to keep Queensland in the game however; he definitely redeemed himself for the final 35 minutes of the game. Took full charge and led the blues into victory. 8/10


Nathan Cleary

No errors to his name and his defense was solid however he never seemed to lift to the level we know he can lift to. He definitely took a back seat and allowed Maloney to take full control of the game. Kicking options were poor at time but did what he could under an immense amount of pressure. Hoping to see more of him in game 2 now that the debut is out of the way. 6/10


David Klemmer

Offered the aggression that was required against a forward pack led by Josh McGuire. One of the best forwards on field for NSW definitely proving his worth in the squad. 7.5/10



Damien Cook

A dream debut. Could not have asked more from him. Offered a third kicking option which NSW definitely needed and opened up the field for players such as Tedesco. Pushed through the pain after going down proving how strong he truly is – alongside with his 55 tackles and only 1 miss. 9.5/10


Reagan Campbell-Gillard

We didn’t see the RCG we needed until the final 15 minutes but when we did see him, he was very strong. Wanted to see more of the mongrel earlier in the game. 6.5/10


Boyd Cordner

Led by example and put any doubters to sleep. Very strong not only defensively but also on attack. Led the way for the forwards like a captain should. 8/10


Tyson Frizell

Quiet at moments but incredibly strong defensively. Definitely offered strong experience for a younger forward pack. 7/10


Jack de Belin

I only wish he had more time on the field. When he was on, he was very strong. Big hits and offered a large majority of the intimidation that was required early on. More game time in game 2 I hope.7.5/10


Paul Vaughan

At times I forgot he was playing. Went about his business very quietly but didn’t offer that real aggression we know he can 5.5/10


Jake Trbojevic

Incredibly strong off the bench however would love to see him start game 2. Very solid in defense and great go-forward when players were feeling fatigued. 7/10


Angus Crichton

Not a bad debut at all but definitely could still offer more next time. Offered an offload or two which the other forwards didn’t. Would love to see more of that aspect of his game if possible 6.5/10


Tyrone Peachey

I cannot fault him at all however he just wasn’t given the time to make a real difference. He was very lucky to have made his debut at all. 4/10





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