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April 18, 2019

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April 4, 2019

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March 22, 2019

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State of Origin Game 1: QLD Player Ratings

June 7, 2018


Michael Morgan

Perhaps not as comfortable in the fullback role as many others could have been. His opposite number 1 definitely outplayed him. Queensland needed him to offer a lot more from the back which he didn't do at all really.  5/10


Valentine Holmes

A very lucky recipient of a bad James Maloney pass. Most of his metres gained are from that intercept alone as the rest of the game was fairly quiet. Not bad, but not amazing. Solid on defense and will definitely retain his jersey if fit. 6.5/10


Greg Inglis

What an amazing captaincy debut. Definitely led by example and was easily Queensland's best on the field. Tom Trbojevic is still picking up his organs from the MCG. 8/10


Will Chambers

Is in NSW's bad books today. Grub act against Damien Cook aside, he offered a lot of go forward for Queensland. Definitely needs to toughen up on defense if he wants any chance of containing Tedesco in game 2. Tedesco ran rings around him at times making him one of the worst defenders on the field. 6/10


Dane Gagai

For a player who was in serious doubt after a compound fracture during the week, he was very solid. Strong on defense and attack. Definitely proved that he is a sure Origin player. 7/10


Cameron Munster

Definitely allowed his halves partner to take control of the game, the whole game. Offered nothing real flashy and just quietly went about his business. 6.5/10


Ben Hunt

Incredibly dangerous at times. Along with Inglis, he looked to threaten NSW especially with his kicking game. At times seemed to be let down by the players around him. 7.5/10


Dylan Napa

Very disappointing. His moment to silence the haters and he went silent. Needed to offer a lot more aggression and dominance. 5/10


Andrew McCullough

Very unlucky to have not played Origin his whole career. He was definitely born to wear a Maroons jersey and proved why he is the perfect replacement for Smith. A defensive weapon. Would like to see him run a little more in game 2 however. 8/10


Jarrod Wallace

Is definitely his own worst critique today. He knows he didn't offer the team what he needed to. He wasn't horrible but definitely has a lot of room to improve. 5.5/10


Gavin Cooper 

Offered a lot on defense. Not as strong on attack as he could be, but his defensive efforts are commendable. 6.5/10


Felise Kaufusi

One of the best forwards in maroon. Offered the aggression and intimidation that his teammates were lacking at times. Definitely secured his spot for the series. 7.5/10




Josh McGuire

The aggressive mongrel that Queensland really needed. Ran strong and hard and defended very solidly. Definitely assured everyone that he is 100% fit. He was born for Origin. 8/10


Josh Papalii 

Did what he had to do. No complaints but no high praises. 7/10


Coen Hess

Another opportunity to silence critics failed. Didn't offer much to the forwards at all. Defensively he was sound but even then he didn't rack up the big numbers. Perhaps needed more time however I don't blame Walters for not giving him it. 5/10


Jai Arrow

Definitely questioning his fitness for the game because he wasn't anywhere near as strong as he has been at club level. Not a poor debut but could have been much stronger. I'm expecting he will grow into his jersey by game 3. 6/10


Anthony Milford

Not quite given enough time to make a real difference however did make an incredible try saving tackle on Latrell Mitchell which could have proved to be a game changer. 5/10













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