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April 18, 2019

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April 4, 2019

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March 22, 2019

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To Whom It May Concern...

June 10, 2018


A few weeks ago I found myself looking for a television series to waste my time watching. After many recommendations from friends I settled on the supernatural teen drama, The Vampire Diaries. After the pilot I was hooked. I binged the first season in a few days and I was already throwing around my predictions for the seasons and had settled on my favourite characters and couples of the series. I kept watching, telling everyone who would listen that I was loving the show. Halfway through the second season however, my opinion altered. I started to dislike the arcs characters were taking and the show started to branch away from my interests. I finished the season and felt incredibly disappointed. The show had become something that I realised I would not like anymore. The characters, storylines, acting and overall concepts were something that I simply was not enjoying anymore. Instead of torturing myself and watching the show despite my lack of enjoyment, I just stopped watching. That was it. I stopped watching and therefore stopped talking about it. I have multiple friends who love the show so much they’ve continued watching the spin offs that have followed the original series and are eagerly awaiting new seasons and new editions. To those friends, I stay silent. I’m not going to bring down their enjoyment by constantly whinging about how much I wasn’t enjoying the show. I stopped watching so I stopped vocalising my disdain. It’s not a hard concept really, if you don’t like something stop watching it.


This is my plea to the NRL media and fans. If this season is such a struggle for you and you are so distraught in disinterest then just stop watching. The game is brought down the more you carry on about how painful of an experience it is. If the exciting aspects of the game aren’t enough for you anymore then it’s time for you to move on. There is no rule in life that someone must continue watching a sport or a television show or a movie trilogy for the rest of their life. People’s interests and wants are constantly changing and growing and with that, sometimes people outgrow an interest in something.


How many times this season have you heard the phrase “talk the game up?” If the NRL were a drinking game we’d be taking shots on end every time we heard it. Why are we hearing it though? For as long as the people hired to promote the game spend their time bad mouthing the game and carrying on about how much they don’t like it anymore we are going to hear it.


Rugby League is not a perfect game. There are going to be errors no matter who plays the game. The NRL too is not a perfect business. There are also going to be errors in running the game. I am not naïve to this fact and while I am not denying in any way that the game needs to improve in ways, I don’t believe it’s deserving of the dramatics day in and day out. If the excitement of young players such as Nathan Cleary and Kalyn Ponga or the revival of teams like the New Zealand Warriors or South Sydney Rabbitohs is not enough to keep you positive of the future of the game then stop watching.


I stopped watching The Vampire Diaries and in doing so I did myself a favour. I also did the people who enjoy the show the favour. So please, if you do not like watching NRL anymore or the season is too painful for you to enjoy then do the people who do still love it the favour and stop.

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